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News & Events

Barbara Rodgers
Friday, 15 May 2015
Barbara Rodgers is to be congratulated for receiving her Nutrition Consultant certificate with the Summa cum Laude distinction.  Barbara is the founder and  owner of Nutrition Life Strategies, a member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, the Weston A. Price Foundation,...
Sharon (Sherry) Brescia
Monday, 11 May 2015
Congratulations to Sharon (Sherry) Brescia for graduating Summa cum Laude with a Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition degree. Sherry is the president and owner of Holistic Blends, Inc. She is the author of two books (Great Taste No Pain and Great Taste No Gluten) and writes a daily...
Laura Ehlers
Wednesday, 22 April 2015
Congratulations to Laura Ehlers for graduating with a Master of Science in Health and Nutrition Education, Magna cum Laude. Laura has worked in the holistic healthcare industry for three years in Functional Medicine and Chiropractic Neurology offices, both as office staff and as a patient therapy...
Tarah Chieffi
Sunday, 19 April 2015
Tarah Chieffi is to be congratulated for graduating Summa cum Laude and earning the Master of Science in Health and Nutrition Education degree. Tarah is an author, freelance writer, blogger, and holistic nutrition educator in New Albany, Indiana. She also teaches aqua fitness classes at the local...
Gayle Coleman
Sunday, 19 April 2015
Congratulations to Gale Coleman for receiving her degree in the Master of Science in Health and Nutrition Education. Gale also earned a BS, CDM, and CFPP and is the Dietitian and Dietary Manger at Redstone Village Retirement Center. Gale has approximately twenty-seven years experience in long-term...


Herbal Cooking Course Starts Soon. Register Now for Discount!

Explore the healing power of herbs and learn creative dishes that use nourishing herbs and spices. Adding garden herbs and wild plants into food can help to achieve overall health. Explore the vitamins and minerals in herbs and spices, learn to recognize quality herbs, and create menus that promote health.

HRB 1: Herbal Cooking starts on June 9th. Enroll by 6/9/15 for the discounted price of $200 using the coupon code HRB2015. Registration will remain open through 6/30/15, but the regular price of $300 will go into effect after 6/9/15.


Live Webinar


Registration is still open for this master's level course.

Nutritional Foundations for Individuals with Cancer

Learn to support the immune system and reduce toxic load. The biochemical mechanism of cancer will be introduced as it is related to foods, lifestyle and supplements. Topics include a discussion of anabolic, catabolic, and neutral foods along with the pH of foods. The role of the Krebs cycle to support proper ATP and oxygen requirements, mitochondrial health, antioxidants and the role of detoxification will be discussed. Dr. Eric Wood is the instructor for CAN 101; a 3 credit Holistic Nutrition (HN) Elective.


  • My thesis project helped me to develop my niche before I graduated. I came away from Hawthorn with a well rounded education prepared to help others in their journey towards wellness.
    Marjie Andrejciw // MSHN Graduate
  • Hawthorn University provided such a valuable education and experience! Coming from a background in dietetics, the information was reliable, credible, and most importantly understandable and applicable!
    Lisa Booth // MSHN Graduate
  • Hawthorn provided me with valuable skills to follow my passion...My degree also gave credibility in holistic nutrition that has been the foundation for launching my career.
    Wendy Borden // MSHN Graduate
  • My education at Hawthorn was very inspiring, resourceful and helped me prepare for my own Nutrition Consulting business.
    Katherine Carter // NC Graduate
  • I was very impressed with the curriculum, teaching staff, and support Hawthorn provided. This is truly a group of very dedicated and knowledgeable health and nutrition professionals.
    Amanda Codd // MSHN Graduate
  • Hawthorn University has opened doors for me. That people look to me for answers and recommendations is immensely gratifying. The coursework is insightful, challenging and far-reaching.
    Patricia A. Curley // MSHN Graduate
  • The knowledge I gained studying at Hawthorn...proves invaluable in my job on a daily basis.
    Denis Faye // MSHN Graduate
  • What I appreciated the most at Hawthorn was the connection I had with my instructors and supporting faculty...I feel more confident as a professional in my field and realize the potential of what I can still accomplish as a Holistic Nutrition Educator.
    Andrea Hill // MHNE Graduate
  • I am very impressed with the University’s commitment to incorporating real food into the science of nutrition. I felt the curriculum was extremely applicable to what I would take into the outside world.
    Rebecca Katz // MHNE Graduate
  • The education I received at Hawthorn has touched every part of my life, personally and professionally...I respect and admire each instructor, student, and graduate of Hawthorn for sharing this passion.
    Christina Mace // MHNE Graduate
  • My educational experience at Hawthorn was marked with fulfillment and reward...The Hawthorn experience will always be one of my lifetime joys. I remain with deep gratitude.
    W. Philip McDonald // MSHN Graduate
  • I had a wonderful experience at Hawthorn. My the course work was relevant, and very useful. I feel that I learned a great deal, and the program prepared me for working as a nutrition consultant.
    Julie Murray // MSHN Graduate
  • Each time I meet with a client for either Nutrition or Fitness Consulting I draw on my education as a student of Hawthorn University...I have never ever regretted the investment I made in myself by applying to Hawthorn University.
    Julie F. Richards // MSHN Graduate
  • I feel grateful for the education I received at Hawthorn, for my special instructor, Heidi Snyder, for the loving support I received all along the way, and for the learning opportunity to make a difference in the world.
    Krystle Shapiro // MSHN Graduate
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed my Hawthorn experience and education. I have learned so much and now have the tools to create a beautiful career of my dreams.
    Jennifer Sullivan // MSHN Graduate
  • Hawthorn's education program was flexible, not expensive and worthwhile. It has allowed me to pursue a different career direction, which otherwise could never have happened. Looking back, I'd do it all over again.
    Josiah Vencel // MSHN Graduate
  • The field of nutrition is fascinating indeed!! Hawthorn's program has opened a whole new world that enables me to dive into. The most important is being able to apply this material in one's personal life.
    Scott Watters // MSHN Graduate