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Constance Karstens

Congratulations are in order for Constance Karstens who has graduated from the Master of Holistic Nutrition Education program with the Summa Cum Laude distinction.

Constance is an energetic person who works with her husband on a 180-acre sustainable livestock farm.  She also operates a specialty on-farm USDA processing facility and retail store selling grass fed meats and other wholesome foods. Constance is also a practicing herbalist who uses local plants to make her own herbal tinctures, medicinal teas, oils, salves, and syrups. In addition, she works with the Bach Flower and the Flower Essence Society (FES) Remedies and homeopathic remedies and offers private wellness holistic consultations incorporating whole foods nutrition, herbs, stress management techniques, and other natural remedies to support and build overall health and re-balance the body. She teaches classes both privately and through Community Education and conducts workshops to facilitate health and healing.  Her thesis entitled Lactic Acid Fermentation of Functional Foods: A Traditional Food Preservation Method that Enhances Nutritive Health Value is an exceptional work. Best of luck to you, Constance, as you continue to education others in their pursuit of health and well-being.  

Anisa Abeytia

Congratulations to Anisa Abeytia, MSHN Graduate 

Congratulations are in order for Anisa Abeytia on her recent graduation from the Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition program. Anisa has achieved honors and has graduated Summa Cum Laude. While studying at Hawthorn, Anisa focused on hypothyroidism and she developed a nine-step program to regain and maintain thyroid health. In addition to working with clients, she maintains the website Her B.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Southern California and her M.S. in Literary Theory from Stanford University provided a strong foundation as Anisa continues to write on topics of health and nutrition. Her work has been translated into five languages. Anisa currently lives in Dubai, UAE with her husband and four children. Best of luck to you, Anisa.

Patricia Curley

Congratulations to Patricia Curley, MSHN Graduate 

Hawthorn proudly announces the graduation of Patricia Curley. Patricia has earned her Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition degree and has achieved the honor of graduating on the President’s List with a Summa Cum Laude distinction. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from Cornell University. Patricia's clinical practice will focus on the principle of 'food as medicine'.  Her mission is to educate about whole foods nutrition and strategies that support optimal growth and development and healthy aging. As a nutrition researcher, she hopes to publish emerging information on the sustainable foods movement, environmental issues, as well as the connection between health and nutrition.  Her thesis entitled Dietary and Lifestyle Interventions to Support Functional Hypothyroidism focused on nutritional and lifestyle strategies to support functional hypothyroidism.  Her thesis has been selected for publication as a featured article on Student, an online academic student journal.

Congratulations to Our Thesis Students

Congratulations to Our Thesis Students!

Congratulations to the following students who have successfully completed their course work and are working on their thesis.   Your determination and motivation have brought you to the end of the rainbow.  The pot of gold waits!  Best of luck to all of you.




Sheila Dean-Ruffing


Oct. 2008

Patricia Curley


Feb. 2007

Hollie Greenwood


Aug. 2006

Karen Doherty


Aug. 2006

Celestine McMahan-Wonais


Sept. 2006

Marylynn Orlovsky


Dec. 2005

Linda Sullivan


Mar. 2007

Susan Burns


Nov. 2005

Heidi Snyder

Congratulations to Hawthorn University Instructor Heidi Snyder, MS, CHN, NC who was elected to the board of directors of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. Learn more about this progressive national organization at