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Rachel Brandl

Congratulations to Rachel Brandl, a Summa cum Laude graduate of the Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition program. Rachel earned her Bachelor's of Science in Biological Sciences from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. While Rachel was completing her master's at Hawthorn, she was a Mental Health Worker on an in-patient behavioral health unit. There she led individual and group therapy sessions regarding the coping skills and lifestyle modifications necessary to help patients maintain health, flexibility, and balance in their lives. Currently, Rachel works in an Emergency Department learning the ins and outs of emergency medicine. Her next step is to attend medical school and become an Osteopathic physician, using her knowledge of nutrition and mental health to lead a holistic medical practice. Best of luck as you move into the future to attain all your goals.

Toby Luria

Congratulations to Toby Luria, a Magna cum Laude graduate of the Master of Science in Health and Nutrition Education program. In addition to her Master's degree from Hawthorn, Toby holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Child Development and Family Relations/Social Work from Cornell University. She has been involved in the field of nutrition since 1977, through ownership of a natural food business, and through personally incorporating a whole food and holistic way of life for her family. She specializes in health transformations through education and counseling for weight management, pregnancy and family nutrition, and has been called a "blessing" by clients. She is committed to making sure the next generation has a good chance for a healthy life through supportive eating choices. Continue your good work, Toby!

Robin Irey

Robin Irey graduated with honors from the Master of Science in Health and Nutrition Education program. Robin is a dance and nutrition educator and has been the Artistic Director and Co-owner of Cary-Grove Performing Arts Centre for the past 13 years. She is committed to building confidence and wellness in her students and the community at large by deepening awareness of one's own body, mind, and spirit. Robin plans to continue educating and enriching her students and developing programs for healthy weight management and strategies for nutrient dense eating. Her thesis, Fat your Friend, Sugar your Enemy, supports her insights and knowledge. Best of luck, Robin!

Tove Elgeskog-Chamness

Tove Elgeskog-Chamness graduated Summa cum Laude from the Nutrition Consultant certificate program. Tove is a registered yoga teacher and works from a holistic perspective to form an individualized program to help individuals reach their health and wellness goals through healing foods, supplements, lifestyle changes, and yoga practice. She creates supportive protocols for individuals with specific health concerns, aids in weight loss or weight gain, educates mothers-to-be about eating habits before, during, and after pregnancy, and teaches health educating classes throughout the area. Visit Tove's website to read more about her accomplishments and services.

Katherine Carter

Katherine Carter received her Nutrition Consultant certificate with the distinction of Summa cum Laude. Katie is a yoga teacher and founder of Wild Mountain Yoga Center in Nevada City, CA. She teaches yoga, healthy cooking, and conducts nutrition workshops in addition to teaching low income families about nutrition and meal preparation. Her interest in nutrition and yoga started in her teens and continues to this day as she continually seeks to educate others while improving physical energy, mental clarity, and peace of mind. Her website links to her blog "5 Bad Mood Foods". Keep up the good work, Kathie!