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Cheryl Perkins

Cheryl Perkins graduated Magna cum Laude from the Nutrition Consultant Certificate program. Her passion lies in promoting fitness and exercise to enhance health and also in helping others overcome gastrointestinal issues through nutrition and the power of food. Cheryl's thesis entitled "A Holistic Nutrition Consultant's Holistic, Gluten-Free Diet and Its Impact on Gastrointestinal Imbalance in Adults" is living proof that this "gut expert" will be successful in her career. In addition to her vibrant personality, Cheryl loves to travel, cook, and entertain, and is passionate about animals. All the best to you, Cheryl.

Nancy Zampella

Sincere congratulations are in order for Nancy Zampella, MS, E-RYT, for her successful completion of the Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition program. Nancy achieved a perfect grade point average and graduated Summa cum Laude and on the President's List.

As a nutrition educator, Nancy writes about and advises individuals on holistic health matters and has been a full-time yoga instructor since 2001. She also leads workshops and seminars and presents to corporate audiences, including government, social, and civic organizations. Her thesis entitled "A Holistic Approach to Resolving Candida can Improve or Resolve Conditions like Migraines, Allergies, Lupus, and Multiple Sclerosis" is a truly the work of a professional. Enjoy continued success, Nancy!

Tara Baird

Congratulations are extended to Tara Baird for graduating from the Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition with a Magna cum Laude designation. In addition to Tara now becoming a nutrition professional, she is a registered nurse who believes that diet predicts behavior, health, and overall wellness. She has a passion for nutrition and is interested in helping those with heart disease or depression. Her thesis entitled Traditional Medications Used in Cardiovascular Disease and their Nutritional Implications is an exemplary example of her knowledge.

Paula Bartholomy

Congratulations to Paula Bartholomy, Hawthorn University School Director, who was interviewed on the Holistic Careers Radio Show with Deb Hanneman, M.S.Ed.  Each week Deb interviews various schools and organizations that provide degrees or certification in alternative careers.  Listen and learn about the benefits of attending Hawthorn and learn about careers in holistic nutrition.  You can listen to the recorded show here:

NANP Meeting Nomination

At a recent NANP meeting nominations for exceptional work in a variety of areas were reviewed and awards were designated.  Hawthorn did really well and we are proud to announce the winners that are a part of Hawthorn University.

Our Assistant Dean of Faculty and Instructor, Heidi Snyder, won the Service award for her efforts at mentoring and building connections that grow our holistic nutrition community.  Her efforts for this year’s NANP conference will make for an informative and successful event.

Marjie Andrejciw, a 2007 MSHN graduate won the "Going Up' award.  Marjie is recognized as an NANP member who has been in a professional practice for 1-2 years and who has already begun to obtain visibility, success, and distinction in her business.
Julie Matthews, Webinar presenter and author of Nourishing Hope, a required book in the Continuing Education course on autism, won the Impact award.  Julie received this award because she has obtained visibility in the wider world during the past year. She is well-known as an international and national autism-nutrition expert.