Joy Boerboom

Congratulations are in order for Joy Boerboom for earning the Master of Science in Health and Nutrition Education, Magna cum Laude. Joy holds a Bachelor's degree from Southwest Minnesota State and earned certifications in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training through the National Exercise Trainer Association (NETA) in Minneapolis, MN. Her education in holistic health and nutrition has allowed her to show people how nutrition and the products they use can affect overall health. With her belief of combining physical fitness and nutrition, she created Barberry Health Center out of Marshall, MN. The perfect combination for a healthy lifestyle includes both nutrition and physical fitness. Joy's passion is to teach people all the things that she learned and show them how all the pieces of the health puzzle come together and help change lives. With a concentration on overall health support during cancer, her thesis is entitled How to Support your Health During Cancer Treatments with Natural Therapies. Great work, Joy. Best of luck!