Marlyse Laure Assonken-Sobtafo

Congratulations to Marlyse Laure Assonken-Sobtafo for graduating from the Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition program. Marlyse has worked for several international organizations dealing with malnutrition and hunger for years. She enrolled at Hawthorn University to improve her technical nutrition skills in order to be more efficient at her job. Hawthorn University proved to be exactly what Marlyse needed as they were a great match for the skill set she needed. During the course of her international career, Marlyse has had the privilege to work in and with several African countries. She has worked with the World Food Programme for several years to help eradicate hunger and poverty in Senegal. She is now settled in Uganda, working as a part time nutrition consultant for international organizations, as well as a part time private consultant to individuals who desire to improve their health. Her thesis, Prevention of the Development of Type 2 Diabetes in Cameroon, is proof that she has truly furthered her knowledge of nutrition. Best of luck, Marlyse, as you further your international career as well as your private practices in the field of nutrition.