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Amie Miller

Amie Miller is to be congratulated for receiving a Nutrition Consultant certificate, Summa cum Laude.  Amie considers the whole body when looking at health and believes everyone to be biochemically unique. She is extremely passionate about food and how it effects the health, mood, and energy of individuals. Amie reports that Hawthorn's has trained her to develop personalized health protocols for individuals using food, lifestyle suggestions, appropriate herbs and supplementation. Her services include but are not limited to individual consultation, family nutrition, pantry/refrigerator overhauls, grocery store education, menu planning, and cooking demonstrations. She strongly believes that food is our “fuel” and loves helping clients learn how to “feed” their bodies. Keep up the passion that you have, Amie, about natural health and healing through whole foods nutrition and appropriate supplementation. Best of luck!


Amie Miller, NC Graduate