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Annett Arkun

Congratulations to Annett Arkun for receiving the Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition degree with a Summa cum Laude designation. Annett is a certified pre- and postnatal fitness instructor who also holds a Bachelor's degree in Nutritional Science. Annett became interested in holistic nutrition during her undergraduate studies where she was fascinated to learn how nutrients regulate body functions and keep people alive and healthy. She values the importance of nutrition and proper nourishment of the body and believes that healthy nutrition and a whole foods diet is essential to a long healthy life. She practices her passion on a daily basis. Her main focus at Hawthorn was prenatal health and healthy fetal development which inspired her thesis, A Holistic Approach to Restore Fertility and Improve Pregnancy Outcome. She developed a fertility program to help clients find their underlying hormonal and metabolic imbalances. Annett is looking forward to her career in holistic nutrition and helping people to make healthy choices for proper nutrition in order to improve health and life quality. Annett can be reached at . Best of luck, Annett!


Annett Arkun, MSHN Graduate