Student Stories and Testimonials

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Karen Erwin

MSHN Graduate, 2016

"Hawthorn was a good experience for an adult learner and the flexible schedule was very conducive to my working schedule. The courses were in depth and expanded my knowledge greatly."

Julia Visser

MSHN Graduate, 2016

"I researched nutrition programs for 6 months before I settled on Hawthorn…[Hawthorn] covers all systems of the body from a holistic, integrated, science-based perspective!...

Barbara Rodgers

NC Graduate, 2015

“There are more and more schools coming on the scene in the holistic nutrition industry, but there are very few who offer the benefits to students that Hawthorn University offers…

Kathleen Blum

MHNE Graduate, 2015

“My Hawthorn experience was outstanding - from start to finish…

Amy Gernaat

NC Graduate, 2016

"Hawthorn University Nutrition Consultant program gave me an excellent foundation of the role of nutrition in health and the function and interconnection of the systems of the body."

E. Zuzanna Moore

MSHN Graduate, 2016

"Great school, fantastic teachers and program."

Christine Rosandich

MHNE Graduate, 2015

“The courses I completed through Hawthorn were interesting and relevant…

Jennifer Burns

NC Graduate, 2015

“My experience at Hawthorn was 100% positive…

Stephanie Altermatt

MHNE Graduate, 2016

"The professors I had were wonderful. They were very helpful and patient with me. I learned so much and will always be grateful for the experience I had."

Cynthia DiMarco

MSHN Graduate, 2016

"If you are searching for a university with a curriculum devoted to the study of Holistic Nutrition and truly caring, interactive, extremely knowledgeable instructors, Hawthorn University is the place for you!"

Sharon Brescia

MSHN Graduate, 2015

“The education I received at Hawthorn University was priceless…

Laura King

MHNE Graduate, 2015

“My experience at Hawthorn University was very good…