Programs and Non-Matriculation

Program Matriculation

The University enrolls students who wish to matriculate for a certificate or degree granting programs as well as those individuals who "want to test the waters" as a non-matriculating student with a Continuing Education (CE) course or a credit-bearing course from one of our programs or from our list of elective courses.

Non-Matriculated Students

Students who want to take credit-bearing courses for personal enrichment or career advancement but are not seeking a degree or certificate at Hawthorn are invited to seek enrollment as a non-matriculating student. Non-matriculating students fill out an application but are NOT required to pay an application fee. Students are subject to the same admission requirements as dictated by their program of interest. For example, students who want a master's level course must show proof of an earned bachelor's degree. Students must also submit a photo ID. Students interested in taking individual courses in the WTNC and MSTN programs must be members of the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Should a non-matriculating student decide to enroll into a program at a later date, an application fee will apply and additional documentation will be required.

For more information, questions, or assistance please contact Kathleen McDermott, Director of Admissions & Student Management, at or call Kathy at 707-986-4153, Ext. 401 during office hours M-F, 9 am - 5 pm ET.   You may also request more information through our Online Information Request Form.