Online Learning

Why learn online at Hawthorn University?

  • want to expand your personal knowledge.
  • want to enhance your existing professional practice.
  • want to learn more about the whole foods approach to nutrition.
  • are motivated to learn and work at your own pace.
  • want to engage in online discussions with students and faculty.
  • want to educate others about how to maintain good health.
  • want to further your education and prefer a holistic approach.
  • are interested in improving personal health habits.

We are excited about new educational opportunities available to online learners paired with the support and tutoring of your Hawthorn instructor. Educational tools include audio lectures, textbooks, journals, websites, and individual teacher-student interaction. Successful students actively participate in their studies, apply the principles being learned to their own lives, and share their information and experiences with others as well as network with other professionals.