SFHN Certificate Overview

Individuals interested in learning more about the benefits of whole foods and nutrition or adding nutrition information into an existing health-related practice can earn a Certificate in this informative program. Graduates of this program are eligible to enter into the advanced level of the Nutrition Consultant program which utilizes the knowledge gained in the foundation courses and applies that knowledge to work with clients. A high school diploma or GED are prerequisite for entry into this program.

You’ll be guided by an instructor and information that is engaging and accessible. Courses feature audio lectures and webinars available for download from your personal student portal. Practical application of the reading material is deepened through written assignments, practice exercises, and other community projects. Each course concludes with a Skype conference with your instructor that is graded. Students must pass a Foundation Level Exercise prior to receiving a Certificate of Completion for the Scientific Foundations of Holistic Nutrition Program.

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