Other Fees

All Programs

The following list contains other fees that may be incurred during a student’s tenure at Hawthorn University.





Non refundable.


Maintaining Matriculation

After the allotted time for a thesis or dissertation course has expired, students must pay ½ the amount of their thesis or dissertation course to maintain their enrollment status.

Varies By Program

Course Challenge Fee

Students who have the prerequisite knowledge and wish to receive credit for their prior learning or experience.

$150.00 Per Course

Graduation Fees

Processing transcript and diploma. (domestic mailing)

International mailing. (additional fee)



Additional Diploma

Student wishing to have an additional copy of their diploma.


Transcript Request

Each official copy.


Program Change Fee

Students who transfer from one Hawthorn program to another.


Course Extension Fee

No fee for first extension. A maximum of three additional 21-day extensions will be allowed per course.

$75.00 each

Late Registration Fee

No fee to register within 10 day break period. Late registration fees will be charged for each additional 10 day extension.

$25.00 each


Students who wish to return to the University within a year. Students who wish to return after a year will need to submit a new application and an additional fee of $60.00.


Leave of Absence Reinstatement

Students who wish to resume their studies and return to active status within the LOA period.


Probation Reinstatement

Students who petition to return from probation.


Returned Check

 Students whose check is returned as unpaid.


Transfer Credit Fee (Flat Rate)

For evaluation of credits from another institution.


Student ID Card

No fee for first card.


Replacement ID Card