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Ann Creighton-Zollar

Ann Creighton-Zollar received a Master of Science in Health and Nutrition Education and earned the Magna com Laude designation for her hard work. Ann earned a BA, MA, and PhD in sociology from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She spent 30 years on the faculty of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond where she taught, engaged in research and scholarship, and provided service to VCU, the profession, and the community. Ann is the author of several books, chapters in books, and a number of peer reviewed journal articles. Her published works focused on "the family" and on racial disparities in health. She is a Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) with a focus on parenting education. She is trained to delivery both the Nurturing Parenting Programs and the Effective Black Parenting Program and has helped community organizations design, implement, and evaluate parent training programs. Ann believed that parenting education would benefit from additional focus on health and nutrition and as Professor Emerita, she found the time to pursue this passion. Her thesis, Vitamin D Needs of African Americans During Pregnancy, Lactation, and Early Infancy is proof that her dedication and motivation to improve the health outcomes of African American women and their young and adolescent children will make a difference in their overall wellbeing. Congratulations, Ann. Keep up the good work!

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Listen to Ann Creighton-Zollar speak on an a Hawthorn University Webinar on December 17, 2013, entitled: Vitamin D Needs during Pregnancy, Lactation, and Early Infancy.