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Lisa Schactman

Lisa Schactman graduated with a Doctor of Science in Holistic Nutrition degree with the distinction of Magna cum Laude.  She also holds a BS in psychology and an MS in horticultural therapy which she applies primarily in the field of mental health. Currently Lisa works at CooperRiis, a healing farm community whose mission is to provide holistic recovery for adults with emotional health challenges.  She also serves on the board of directors for Slow Foods Asheville-Foothills where she is involved in providing education for both youth and adults on making healthy choices and food preparation.  Lisa hopes that her doctoral research opens doors to new ways of thinking about mental health recovery and will lead to more exploration of alternative treatments and research by both the government and medical community.  Lisa's dissertation, L-Tryptophan Supplementation to Reduce Impact of Neuroleptic Medications in Individuals with Psychosis, was unanimously approved by her committee.  Keep up the good work, Lisa!


DSC Graduate Lisa Schactman