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Kathrin Graller

Congratulations to Kathrin Graller for graduating with a certificate in Nutrition Consulting. Health and healing have always been Kathrin's passions. She attended her first nutritional education class in 1980 in India and has since explored many resources in order to continue to learn and enrich her knowledge on how to improve the quality of life through nutrition. She worked for a natural medicine doctor, assisting in creating holistic health protocols for patients and attended nutritional seminars. She believes that taking a holistic approach to health and healing; looking at all aspects of a person’s lifestyle, including health history, current state of health, diet, and sleep patterns is the best way to provide individual coaching and nutritional guidance. Kathrin specializes in digestive issues, celiac disease, food sensitivities, woman’s health and elder care. Her goal is to empower her clients to listen to the innate wisdom of their bodies. Keep up the good work, Kathrin.


Kathrin Graller, NC Graduate