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Teressa Dickman

Congratulations to Teressa Dickman for graduating Summa cum Laude from the Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition program. Teressa earned an Italian law degree from the University of Bologna and a second law degree from Nova Southeastern University. While practicing immigration law in South Florida, she became interested in the process of nutritional cleansing and how removing toxins from the body enhances overall health. She became a nutritional cleansing coach and assisted many individuals in releasing toxins as well as excess fat through the use of nutrients that support the organs of detoxification. During her time as a nutritional cleansing coach, she worked alongside a chiropractor, adding this service to the chiropractor’s private practice. Teressa realized that her true passion was helping others achieve better health through natural solutions. She closed her law practice and entered Hawthorn. Teressa’s practice, Body in Balance, focuses on educating clients so they can improve their quality of life through food, nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes. Visit her website at  Her thesis is entitled Improving and Delaying Hashimoto’s Disease Through Nutrition and Lifestyle. Best of luck, Teressa!


Teressa Dickman, MSHN Graduate