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Kerri Eich

Kerri Eich is to be congratulated for receiving the Master of Science in Health and Nutrition Education degree.  Kerri is the Director of the School of Health and Environmental Sciences at University High School in Los Angeles, CA.  Her students are learning hands-on, about sustainability, nutrition, and community health through food; they prepare soil - plant - nurture - harvest and cook from crops on their 1-acre campus farm.  Kerri is a believer that everyone can connect to better wellness through a deeper connection to food.  With the support of hundreds of people from University High School, and the surrounding community the student’s outdoor “food forest’ came together.  You can learn more about her program in this episode of ‘Food Exposed’ by Jackie Keller where she was a guest:  Kerri can be contacted through her website at  Her thesis, Be Well Nutrition Education Program, is evidence of her passion for wellness.  Keep up the good work, Kerri!


Kerri Eich, MHNE Graduate