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Martha Songayllo

Congratulations to Martha Songayllo for receiving the Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition degree, Summa cum Laude. Martha earned a bachelor's degree in international business and worked in various aspects of technology in a variety of industries. Her focus was on database management, marketing, and graphic web design which did nothing to fulfill her inner need to help others. Her motivation to make a difference turned into a passion after caring for a man in the final stages of cancer. Martha found the focus of her passion while working with a chiropractor who also provided nutritional counseling. Her desire to expand her nutritional knowledge led her to Hawthorn. Her thesis is entitled The Cultural Development of the Standard American Diet After World War II And Its Consequences to the American Public’s Health. Martha hopes to bring her new expertise to the world by teaching cooking classes and with a nutrition research blog. Best of luck, Martha.


Martha Songayllo, MSHN Graduate