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Karen Kibbey

Karen Kibbey graduated Summa cum Laude with a Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition degree. Karen believes that all aspects of human nature – mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical - need to be in positive harmony to produce a truly whole, healthy, and happy individual.  Her goal upon entering Hawthorn was to expand her natural health knowledge to better equip herself to educate clients in holistic lifestyles. Karen also believes that "every person’s health and well being are found in the simplicity and application of naturopathic principles and in the awareness and care of a person’s multi-dimensional nature".  Karen is currently travelling cross country to complete an epidemiological correlational health study (25 states and 25 cities) to prove the hypotheses in her thesis, Phytochemical Consumption Decreases Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptomatology: An Whole Foods Health Study for CFS.  When all the data is collected and analyzed, she hopes to publish her work in nutrition journals and author a book.  She also plans to use the results as an educational forum to develop curriculum and presentation to present at colleges and other educational institutions.  Read her blog at


MSHN Graduate Karen Kibbey