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Does Staying Out of the Sun Really Prevent Cancer? with Dr. David Anderson


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Are you avoiding sun exposure altogether due to “heliophobia” (the fear of the sun, sunlight, or any bright light) because of conventional recommendations to reduce the risk of developing skin cancer?

Hawthorn University welcomes Dr. David Anderson for his presentation on Heliophobia and Vitamin D Deficiency: Does Staying out of the Sun Really Prevent Cancer?

Conventional medical recommendations have been heliophobic for many years, with many now avoiding sun exposure altogether in the belief that this can prevent skin cancer. In this webinar, we’ll explore the science behind how the sun’s rays affect the body, especially as it relates to vitamin D, as well as the role vitamin D plays in cancer. You’ll learn how to gauge your own need for sun and the proper times to expose your skin to maximize your vitamin D levels and minimize your risk for developing the most dangerous skin cancers.

Dr. David Anderson has practiced chiropractic and clinical nutrition for almost 20 years. He is board certified in clinical nutrition and is on the Executive Committee of the Chiropractic Board of Clinical Nutrition. He has taught post-doctoral seminars on nutrition and physiology, and now teaches full time at a local career college, focusing mostly on biomedical and business topics. He has also been working with Hawthorn University’s Education Committees to update the master’s curricula. Living in Minnesota, Dr. Anderson learned early on the consequences of vitamin D deficiency, and has worked diligently to educate his community and profession on the inability to gain true health without adequate levels of this key nutrient.

For a PDF copy of the slide presentation used in this webinar, click here.