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Cancer: A Disease That Has Become An Industry with Dr. Eric Wood, MA, NMD


This webinar will serve as an introduction to many aspects of understanding cancer in its various forms and contexts. It’s time to ‘demystify’ cancer, understand basic principles of little known and under recognized contributing factors, understand why so often conventional treatments leave much to be desired, and also consider rather simple yet profound steps you can take to safeguard yourselves throughout your life! This is the first webinar in a three part series meant to empower people and to take away much of the ‘fear factor’ when it comes to the six letter word cancer.

Key areas to be covered include:

• Understanding the pros and cons and significant limitations of traditional treatments including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation
• Reviewing theories on cancer’s genesis such as:
-the free radical theory,
-the infectious disease theory,
-the nervous system imbalance theory,
-and the German New Medicine theory
-Reviewing lifestyle habits (and how to shift them!) that science suggests are significantly contributing to the increased odds of cancer developing
• Surveying alternative cancer therapy research

Cancer is essentially an illness of the modern era, with incidence dramatically increasing from the onset of the 20th century. With one in every two men and every three women being diagnosed with cancer, this webinar is really for everyone. Too often people are terrified and confused by this rather amorphous and often unseen ‘foe.’ However, by simply educating ourselves, we can take away much of this power the word ‘cancer’ holds for so many individuals and also understand how we can prevent, treat, recover and beat cancer.

Dr. Eric Wood is a licensed naturopathic doctor and a 2008 graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, through which he completed specialty training in HIV/AIDS care and physical fitness training and weight loss. He received additional training and experience via Harvard University’s Benson Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine, the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society physician training fellowship program, and specialty cancer centers including the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (Chicago), the Issels Clinic (California), and Medicor (Canada).

Since then, he has built a multidimensional career in consulting, practicing, educating and writing. He worked as a specialty physician for nearly five years for two leading supplement companies in North America: Neuroscience Inc. and Life Extension in the areas of oncology, tick-borne illness, and neurotransmitter/hormonal balancing, assisting thousands of clients/patients during that timeframe in these areas. He has practiced naturopathic medicine across the US and currently serves as medical director for a nationally based anti-aging medical clinic, practices at the Physical Health Complex in Ft. Lauderdale, and is completing three book projects all this year on adrenal fatigue, the Paleolithic diet, and weight loss.

Additionally, he is Associate Professor of Nutrition at Hawthorn University, where he works remotely with graduate level students from across the globe and is involved with curriculum development in holistic medicine/nutrition. A certified Neuro-endocrine immune specialist, he has completed considerable additional training in hormone replacement, detoxification, IV therapies, European Biological Medicine, HCG weight loss, homeopathy and more.


Click Here for a PDF copy of the slide presentation used in this webinar.