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Cathryn will talk about the history of the Sonoma County, CA based Ceres Project in this webinar entitled "The Ceres Community Project: Restoring Whole Foods as the Foundation of Health for People, Communities and the Planet" (http://www.ceresproject.org/) and how its mission is being realized in the community as it affects our teens, those with serious illness, businesses, and local farmers. Cathryn Couch, M.B.A., is a professional chef and activist. Her work centers around helping people connect with local, seasonal and whole foods, discover the joy of cooking for themselves and others, and find meaningful ways to engage in their communities. She is the founder and executive director for The Ceres Community Project, a non-profit organization working to restore whole local and organic food to its place as the foundation of health for people, communities and the planet. Cathryn's past experience includes 10 years running an organic home delivered meal service and 4 years as the Director of Communications for The Hunger Project-U.S., an educational organization focused on changing our understanding of the causes of and solutions to hunger in the world. Cathryn Couch and JoEllen DeNicola co authored the Ceres Project Cookbook; Nourishing Connections: The Healing Power to Food and Community.