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An Insider's Point of View on the Nutritional Supplement Industry: Jeffrey Moss, DDS, CNS, DACBN


In this two part webinar Dr. Jeffrey Moss will discuss many of the issues and controversies involving nutritional supplements. Having worked in the nutritional supplement industry since 1985, and as the founder of Moss Nutrition Products, Inc. in 1992, Dr. Moss has the experience, qualifications and insider's knowledge to present information that most of us never hear about and need to know. The goal of this two part webinar is to provide information that is not readily accessible to healthcare providers or the general public about nutritional supplements. Participants should learn what goes on in the research, development, sourcing of ingredients, manufacturing, processing, product quality, as well as the purchasing and selling practices of supplements. Just like wanting to know about our food supply, where food comes from, how it was grown or prepared, we should know as much about our supplements. This presentation and the following webinar on January 21st will focus on the difficulties finding researched information about the supplement industry, how supplements are formulated and manufactured, and the selling practices of supplement companies and healthcare professionals. A description of the manufacturing process, who is manufacturing our supplements, what type of facilities they are made in, and where the raw ingredients come from, will be presented. How the industry is regulated, what makes a product manufacturer or supplement company reputable, and product quality will be addressed. The ethics, legal regulations, and clinical issues surrounding the sale of nutritional products will be included. Dr. Moss graduated from the University of Michigan Dental School in 1974 and practiced dentistry in Grand Rapids, Michigan up to 1985. Having employed clinical nutrition in his practice for six years, he decided to use this experience and enter the professional supplement industry. In 1992 he founded Moss Nutrition Products, Inc., which provides nutritional supplements to health care professionals. In addition, since 1987 he has written a monthly newsletter for professionals of review and commentary on many of the most controversial and cutting-edge issues that face clinical nutrition practitioners today. He also co-authored the text, Textbook of Nutritional Medicine with Mel Werbach, M.D. Finally, Dr. Moss has been a member of the faculty of the University of Bridgeport Masters program in nutrition since 1999.