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The Effects of Organic Chemicals on Human Health with David Carpenter, MD


Become empowered while learning to protect yourself and others as Dr. David Carpenter, shares this powerful presentation regarding our exposures to various man-made chemicals and the associated increased risk of disease. Dr. Carpenter says “We live in a world of chemicals, but most of them have not been rigorously evaluated for effects on human health. Some man-made chemicals are persistent, have not been manufactured for many years, but are still present in our environment and in the bodies of almost every living person. There are many known adverse health effects of these chemicals including cancer and altered brain function. There are many other chemicals that may not be persistent that are present in our food, water, air and personal care products such that we continuously exposed to them. This presentation will review the evidence for these concerns and suggest ways in which one can take action to reduce exposure.”

David O. Carpenter is a public health physician whose current position is Director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the University at Albany, as well as Professor of Environmental Health Sciences within the School of Public Health at the University at Albany. He has more than 375 peer reviewed publications and has edited five books. His most recent book is Effects of Persistent and Bioactive Organic Pollutants on Human Health, published by Wiley in 2013.

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